Nyame Mireku Hostel – Kumasi

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About Nyame Mireku Hostel

Nyame Mireku is also known by some as NM Plaza. This hostel is designed in flats. About 3 or four rooms make up a flat and all those rooms share a hall, kitchen and balcony. Its the perfect place to stay with your friends. Its located on the Kotei road as well. Lots of background checks are done to admit only the well behaved students to this hostel.

Room Types & Hostel Prices

Pricing is on an annual basis.

Between GHc 2500-2700 approximately. The new prices are not yet out but the will be uploaded as soon as they are ready. Click on the bell the stay updated as soon as booking starts so you do not miss out.


  • Kitchen
  • Study room
  • Generator
  • Water reservoir
  • Security
  • Free gas for cooking
  • Hall
  • Study room


Kumasi, Kotei

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1 review for Nyame Mireku Hostel – Kumasi

  1. Aaron Appiah

    It is a very good place

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