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We know hostel fees are high. That’s why you should save money finding one

Did you know?

That it costs students an average of Ghc 500 in transportation, phone calls, data and food when hunting for a hostel?

Did you know?

That with GetRooms you get access to not just one hostel manager's contact but over 500?

Did you know?

That majority of hostel rooms are booked with a phone call?

Did you know?

That is costs more to buy fried rice and chicken than to get over 500 hostel manager's contacts with GetRooms?

For just GH₵ 25, you’ll gain exclusive access to over 500 hostel managers—no recurring fees, ever. Save time and money whiles getting connected to the hostel managers instantly. Act now for convenience and unbeatable value!

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The hostel fees vary from hostel to hostel. We have put a general pricing guide for hostels on each hostel page. If you want to get the updated prices then a subscription will be the best option. You will have access to the GetRooms mobile app which has updated prices of hostels in Ghana.

Hostels have different capacities and not all have an organised booking system so we can not immediately tell if there’s a vacancy since some students cancel their bookings. GetRooms allows you to communicate with hostel managers directly hence removing all forms of ambiguity. You get to hear from management directly if there’s a vacancy or not.

You can search for hostels via the name of the university or the location. Just type in the area where your University is located or the University name.

GetRooms provides you with direct contact with the hostel so you can call to make enquiries and book. Very few hostels in Ghana have an online booking system and if they did have one, it currently isn’t on GetRooms. But you can book a hostel by calling and arranging with the management.

You can click here to pay or the ‘pay now’ button at the top of this page. We accept mobile money or card payments. Our payment service provider is Paystack. They ensure secure payments.

No. Once you pay for GetRooms you will have access to not only the hostel you want but you’ll be able to contact all hostels on our platform without having to pay anything extra. Your payment covers 12 months which is basically an academic year. Lots of value for your money.

The guarantee of a room is not 100%. GetRooms links students to hostel managers in Ghana but it is within the manager’s discretion to accept or reject students. You must also agree to a hostels terms and conditions to be accepted.

To gain access to the contacts of the hostel manager, you will need to subscribe to GetRooms. Once you subscribe you will have access to more information about the hostel as well as the manager’s number.

I saved so much time and money securing my hostel through GetRooms. My friends were walking around in this hot sun but I called managers through GetRooms and safely booked my room. I got so much information from the GetRooms App so even though I was new on campus I didn’t have a problem. It’s the 21st centaury ohhh. Simplify your life with GetRooms. You will not regret it.


1st Year Student, KNUST

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