Frequently Asked Questions

When you find a hostel that you like from the rooms-page you will see an orange button with the words ‘book now’. When you click on book now you will then be asked to enter your details so the hostel manager knows who is booking. After entering your details you will then use a voucher which can be bought at some shops and from student representatives or you can choose to pay the booking fee of GHC 10 via a number of online payment options including mobile money. This fee alerts the hostel manager of your booking and reserves your room for 5 days within which you are to make payment for the hostel room. However, your booking fee of GhC is valid for three months.
You will have a maximum of 5 days within which to make a payment for your room to secure it. Most hostel managers may not wait too long if there is a high demand for rooms in their hostel so it is better to pay as early as possible.
Most hostels will require that a full payment be made. However this differs from hostel to hostel so it will be advisable to get in touch with the hostel management about this.
You can pay for it by paying online with mobile money services or debit and credit cards. Vouchers can also be purchased from students reps or from some shops at the same price.
Payments are processed instantly and are final. Please refer to our refund-policy if warranted. However in event that you are rejected by the hostel you can always book for another without having to pay another GHC 10 booking fee within 3 months of the first booking.
The roommate feature is only available to hostels which are on our pro package. Hostels which are not on the pro package will not have this feature.
There isn't any official way of booking in groups as at now. Tips: You can book with your friends at the same time. That way the manager will get a hint of your intentions.
You can pay with mobile money a debit or credit card or you can use a GetRooms voucher to place your booking. The voucher cost Ghc 10 and can be purchased from strategic shops and any of our Campus reps.
Yes your booking expires under two conditions:
  1. Acceptance into a hostel
  2. 3 months after your initial booking
Please note that if your booking was rejected by a hostel or you were not able to pay the hostel fees within 5 days after your initial booking it doesn't mean that your booking has expired. You can rebook the same hostel or even select a new hostel without having to pay the booking fee of Ghc 10 again.
Managers receive notifications the very instant you place your booking. Confirmation of your room should be done within hours but for larger hostels it may take a while longer.
It is our job to find you a hostel so we will encourage you to keep searching on our website until you find your preferred hostel.
You will receive email and text message notifications upon a successful booking.
Any hostel that displays a vacancy can be booked at any time of the day
You can contact us through the chat application on our website.
GetRooms is the largest online hostel room booking? website in Ghana. We have been serving students for the past 2 years and have helped thousands of students to secure their hostel room online.
Your personal information is treated as confidential. You can see our terms-and-conditions for more info.
Yes you can but only before you have been accepted into a hostel. Once accepted you will have to talked to the hostel manager to help you with that.