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How GetRooms Work

GetRooms is the largest online hostel room booking service in Ghana and Africa. We make it easy to search, find and book a hostel room online even from your mobile phone. GetRooms conveniently takes away the stress of room booking by allowing students to save time and money by booking online.

This is how it works


Simply search through the and find a hostel that you would like to stay in.


Place a booking for the hostel and give the hostel manager the required information.


The hostel will confirm your booking and you can make payment for your room.

Benefits to students

Book from anywhere

Students have the convenience of booking their rooms without having to be physically present at the hostel.

Time saving

We have a large list of hostels with their price ranges, facilities, rules etc so you don’t have to walk around from hostel to hostel just for information.


Your room is assured so there is no need to worry about losing your room. You will surely get a room with GetRooms.


You can communicate directly with the hostel manager through GetRooms.

Online Payments

Some hostels accept payments of hostel fees online. This is especially useful to foreign students.


Some hostels also allow you to see your roommates when you book and are placed in a room.

Instant feedback

Get instant messages as you book with GetRooms. After booking you will recieve a message instantly to notify you.


All hostels on have been duly verified and students are assured of reliable and prompt service. We are always available to chat with online.


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